Overseas Exhibition

India Through Sri Lankan Eyes


In 2011 a meeting with the topic being how to build relationships with India, was held at the Cultural center of the Indian High commission in Sri Lanka. The target was for artists of Srilanka. The Ambassador  who presided as the head  had invited politicians as well as well known personalities  to the meeting.  With several topics came up I  as the president  of the  Photographic Society of Sri Lanka (2009-2011) requested for an exhibition of photographs taken in India by a representative from our society , The High commissioner took this as a very good initiative and In next to no time I was photographing mostly the Buddhist Circuit in India. The train tour of 7 days on the Mahaparinirvana Express was very rewarding.  The exhibition photos numbering 35 were of the size of over 3 feet in length and was first held at Dayata Kirula Exhibition in Anuradhapura  which is the place of our first Kingdom and where Buddhists go to worship. Thereafter the exhibition traveled to various cities in Sri Lanka and the people got a  glimps of Buddhist sites in India. “India through Srilankan Eyes was a great success when you see the images of people even worshiping the images. I am glad that my photography contributed  a heart rending effect to the general public.

Voyage Through Sri Lankan Eyes

A Voyage through Srilankan eyes were held at the CAISA gallery in Helsinki Finland. 40 Photographs of mine and 27 paintings of Dr Jevana Subasinghe were on display from the 7th of August 2014 to the 27th of August 2014. The opening ceremony is attached below.