Dr.M.S.Weerakone photography

Late Dr. M.S.Weerakone  (1923 – 2011)was a Medical Doctor who was practicing in the beautiful city of Negombo Sri Lanka. His photography spanning of over 60 years can be classified into three sections namely classical landscapes in B&W, Nude studies in landDr.Portmadescapes (B&W) and abstract color at the latter stages of his life. His photography has appeared 5 years in succession in the late 1950’s of the International Photographic book and was one of the first few to be awarded (AFIAP) in Sri Lanka . A well known and well recognized in this field he will open his heart out to any photographer who used to visit his hometown and share his knowledge on photography as well as entertain them with his gutty comments to the students of most photographic societies of Sri Lanka. Each year the National photographic art society has a photo  competition  dedicated to Dr Weerakone for the best photograph taken in their Negombo tour. Sadly the new generation will miss him as a mentor of photography in Sri Lanka. He left behind a collection of photographs in a book titled “Mine Eyes Have Seen ” a 60 year journey of photography for the new Generation.

 book onlyThere are 200 numbered  of below shown nude study images digitally copied and printed and are available for purchase. No 1-4 has already being purchased by an Art lover in USA . These photographs were taken by a Rolleiflex twin lens camera loaded with 120 film in the late 1950’s. Location in Sri Lanka. nude-contact-wThe cost for each print is 150USD the size varying from 12″x 12″, 15″x12″, 18″x12″ which depends on the format cropped. Contact on mithrasw@gmail.com for purchase with the requested number give below.  Most of then were in the  international photographic Year book during that period.